Sothbys have just two speedmasters in Geneva, bith 2915’s


Estimate $109,250 to  $163,750 Incl premium

Original listing is here  and there are many photos on the site and also a picture of the Omega Report.

The dial is the round O in Omega. The dial body looks OK, and the photos do not show any damages – but again these are not the best lighting to show the dial. The plots are a little dirty but look original. The bezel is a service replacement. The hands are original re lumed.


This watch comes with an Omega Report – not an extract, this is a report from the museum detailing the originality of the watch.

Here we are told the dial is original and with Radium, the hands are original, but re lumed, and the bezel is an Omega Service replacement, to “Original Specification”.

Note the bezel has a flat topped 3.

This price is the most expensive 2915 in the Geneva sales, and I am not sure I can see a huge difference in quality that would justify the price.. After all the bezel is still a replacement.

It must be all down to the report, and the certainty it offers.

Low estimate of $47,500 incl premium its half the other watch in the sale.

The dial has long indices on the subdial, and we need to be certain it is not a modern service dial relumed and distrassed.

The bezel looks modern, but distressed.

The case is quite worn

The hands are new.

It does have an extract, which is positive.

However not knowing the origin of the dial, means we cannot set an accurate value

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